Resident Services

We are happy to accept parcels delivered by UPS, Fed-ex or any other delivery services on your behalf.

Renters insurance is a requirement at Timbers Townhomes, it protects your personal property if anything happens, and can pay for any damage or loss to the apartment property. Like everyone at Timbers Townhomes, you are responsible for damage or loss to the townhome apartment property, and your person caused by fire, vandalism, water damage, and other injurious acts or crime.

Our business office is located on-site. Personnel are available Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday from 10:00am to 2:00pm and Sunday by appointment. Should you need assistance outside of those hours please call our emergency services line at 757-875-9271.

Emergency Services & Fire Dept. 911
Police Department: 757-441-5610 non-emergency

Elementary: Larrymore 757-531-3070
Middle School: Norview 757-852-4600
High School: Norview 757-852-4500

Apartment Maintenance

Within 24 to 48 hours of your service request (excluding weekends), a Timbers Townhomes team member will respond. If special parts or outside services are required, we will take care of those arrangements for you and complete your request as quickly as possible. To make sure you get the service you deserve, please direct all request to the Timbers Townhomes Business Office. We will go everything we can to resolve the problem.

Our on-call maintenance will be happy to assist you with the following 24-hour emergency items:

  • No electricity throughout your home
  • No heat in extremely cold temperatures (60 degrees or below)
  • No a/c in extremely hot temperatures (85 degrees or above)
  • Water coming into your home (i.e. flooding, leaks, etc)
  • Toilet not working (if you only have one bathroom)
  • Possibilities of fire from electrical sparks, burning odor, or detection of smoke. If a fire occurs, call 911 first!
  • Anytime your apartment security is compromised (i.e. broken window, damaged lock, etc.)

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911!

Electrical (power failure)

  • Determine if there is an area power failure
  • Check your breakers located in the front stairwell of your home.
  • Turn them all to the “OFF” position, then turn to the “ON” position.

Call the Timbers Business Office if an area power failure is not evident and step two does not restore power.

Plumbing (stoppage or overflow)

  • Turn off the “shut off” valve nearest the fixture. Note: To do so, turn the shut-off valve a quarter to the right.
  • Do not use fixture
  • Call the Timbers Business/Leasing Office.

If you are locked out of your home during normal business hours, please contact the Business Office. We will be happy to provide you with a key with proper photo identification. If you are locked out during non-business hours, please contact our Emergency Services line at 757-875-9271. Valid photo identification will be required. After hour Lockouts are billable hours.

If you require pest control service, please contact our Business Office and we will be happy to schedule a pest control appointment for you. You will be asked to secure all pets during this pest control visit.

When you move in your home will be fully equipped with light bulbs in all of the permanent fixtures. Please purchase the necessary light bulbs, and if you need assistance simply submit a service request for the maintenance team to install the new bulb for you. If you have questions regarding the types of bulbs or how to change a light bulb, please do not hesitate to contact the Business Office. We also sell light bulbs, at cost, if you would prefer. We are happy to help!

Caring for Your Community

One of the things our residents find most attractive about Timbers Townhomes is the simplicity, consistency and cleanliness of how our buildings look. Maintaining that look requires everyone’s cooperation, and as a result, the community does not all the installation of wires, aerials, radio or television antennas on buildings, carports or roofs.

Noise can be a nuisance, and at Timbers Townhomes, we ask all of our residents to be considerate of their neighbors when entertaining, using their television or stereo, or using appliances and vacuum cleaners late at night.

If you are experiencing a noise concern, please let our Business Office know. We will ask that your concern is documented.

A trash compactor is provided by Timbers Townhomes. Please make sure you bag all trash and put in the appropriate container. Do not leave trash outside of your home or place on the street. If you are just moving in and have multiple boxes, please break them down and place them inside of the compactor.

We try to keep the grounds and public areas clean, neat and attractive for everyone to enjoy. Some basic community guidelines to help us stay beautiful are:

Please make sure your garbage goes straight from your home to your trash compactor. We do not allow bags of trash to be left in the parking lots or common areas.

Please take care to clear personal belonging from outside your front door and carport.

Please remember that if you are a smoker, do not throw your used cigarette butts on the ground, pickup and make sure it is out prior to throwing it away.

Finally, please show respect for landscaped areas, shrubbery and trees. We work hard to keep the grounds looking great and appreciate your help in keeping them that way.

Residents are responsible for keeping the patios neat and clean at all times. The hanging of flags, banners, clothes or storage of any type, including bicycles toys, etc are not permitted. You are welcome to fly the American flag. The installation, placement or affixing of satellite dishes is permitted on the premises with written consent of the Property Manager and with proper renter’s insurance provided. There are additional fees associated with a satellite dish. Fireworks are not permitted on the property at any time. Existing insurance regulations and the Norfolk Fire Marshall require that gas or charcoal grills be at least 10 feet from the building structure. Electric grill are also permitted.

For your peace of mind, door-to-door solicitation is not allowed. If a solicitor makes it to your door, please refer them to the Business Office. We will take of it.

Displaying or discharging fireworks, guns, slingshots, or any type of firearm or weapon is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy by any resident, occupant, or guest may result in the immediate termination of the lease contract.


All vehicles parked in the Timbers Community parking areas must be in working condition and have current registration tags and be registered with the Business Office with a proper parking decal or visitor pass visible. Vehicles parked on city streets will be referred to the Norfolk Police department for violation. Vehicles in violation of the following guidelines will be towed:

  • Abandoned vehicles and disabled cars
  • Vehicles with expired license plates
  • Vehicles parking in handicap zones
  • Vehicles not displaying proper decals or visitors passes
  • Vehicles blocking other vehicles

Bicycles should be secured inside you home and not left outside. No bicycles can be stored in the common areas or patios. Motorcycles are allowed on the property, however cannot be stored on patios or inside of the home.

Vehicles should be parked designated parking spaces, not overhang the sidewalk or parked in the overflow parking located within the community. Street parking is also available.